Rousing Dragon - Male Enhancement

Rousing Dragon - Libido, Erection and Performance Enhancer for Men
Rousing Dragon - Libido, Erection and Performance Enhancer for Men
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Rousing Dragon - Libido, Erection and Performance Enhancer for Men
Rousing Dragon is an amazing formula with many beneficial effects. It enhances libido and sexual function in men, the nervous system, immune system, and the senses. It also quickly increases energy.

In men it will increase testosterone without negatively affecting the testosterone/estrogen balance. It helps boost nitric oxide production which is largely responsible for the strong erection of erectile penis tissue in men. It also helps to enrich and circulate the blood not just around the body, but directly to the reproductive organs (penis and testicles).

More Sexual Desire, Stamina, Better Performance and Sexual Recovery will all be experienced. Sexual fluid (semen) production will be greatly enhanced and quickened. The formula works fast and the energy and vitality are quickly felt. You will get harder erections much easier.

This product is so concentrated with herbal extract that the liquid is almost gooey. You won't find many products this concentrated on the market. This is one of the reasons for its effectiveness.

The formula contains tonic herbs from the far east that have been used for thousands of years and are now backed by modern scientific research and shown to have a direct, beneficial influence on the neuro-endocrine and sexual reproductive systems, the root source of the body's youth, health, and vitality.It acts as an anti-stress agent by minimizing the body's stress response and by protecting and enriching the adrenal glands which can become easily drained from excessive sex and ejaculation. Take this formula to revitalize your sex glands, enhance them, and protect them from decline.

These herbs were the secret of the Chinese Emperors during ancient times and enabled them to maximize their sexual power to be able to have sex with thousands of female concubines. Without these male sexual enhancement herbs and formulas, there was no way they would have been able to keep up with their sexual activities and please so many women.

Functions and Uses: Male Enhancement, Increases Chi (energy), Jing Tonic, Male Erection Enhancer, Builds Kidney Yin and Yang, Builds and Circulates Blood, Celluar Health and Immunity, Sexual Rejuvenator and Enhancer, Increases Semen Production, Aphrodisiac, Libido Enhancer, Increases Will Power, Athletic Enhancement, Testosterone Booster

Ingredients: Red Ginseng, Cnidium Seed, Polygonum Multiflorum (He Shou Wu), Schisandra Berry, Cistanches, Cuscuta Seed, Dang Gui, Gynostemma, Poria, Amomum Seed

Other Ingredients: Spring Water, Organic Alcohol (25% by Volume)

Directions: Take 1-2 full droppers in a glass of water, 2 times daily. Take 1 or 2 days off per week. This formula is very strong but safe. If the effects are too strong reduce dosage.


This product is very potent. In less than a week there has been alot of libido enhancement for me. My penis has grown 1 inch in less than a week and my strength has greatly risen. I am also much thicker than before which TOTALLY raised my confidence. My stamina also has doubled which saved me from those quick embarrassing moments if you know what I mean.. By far this product is magic and by the feel of this trial I have already started, I feel that I will see much more progress the more I use it. I CANT WAIT!!!! ;) Chris, Queens, NY

"Rousing Dragon is strong. Damn! This stuff works fast! I could feel the warm rush and blood flowing in minutes when I first took it. I can tell it's getting even stronger the more I use it. I'm gonna have fun with this!" Tyrone, Brooklyn, NY

"I can't believe the whole world doesn't know about this product. It's so much better than popping pills. You've got a customer for life." Matt, Reading, PA